Questions regarding pictures on wood body:
1. Which printing process do you use for your pictures?
MotivWe work with the internationally renowned german company "saal digital". The images are developed with a laser imagesetter with maximum color accuracy on durable and non-fading matte Fujifilm Crystal Archive DP II paper and processed by us with maximum care.

2. You offer "Body MDF black" for your pictures. Do you have more infos?
MDFThe so-called medium density fibreboard (MDF) is a type of fibreboard with high surface density. It is made of fibers from debarked softwood, which are pressed. We use thoroughly black colored MDF with 19 mm height. Note: Color and texture may vary slightly from body to body.

3. What does "Body Plywood Birch" mean? Do you have some details?
Sperrholz The picture is bonded to a plywood body with laminating foil. We use 18 mm, 13-layered plywood made of birch, coated on both sides with dark brown phenolic film (lowest emission class 1). Note: Color and texture may vary slightly from body to body.

4. How can I fix the wood body on the wall?
Korpus The wood body can be fixed on the wall with a nail or a screw (not included). There are four holes on the back (one for each side), so you can rotate it quickly and easily in 90° steps. Et voilà!

 Questions regarding framed pictures:
5. Which kind of frames are used at Lovely Planets Berlin?
RahmenOur high quality, yet affordable frames are produced by "Max Aab", with a profile height of 19 mm and a visible width of 15 mm. The frames are made of solid abachi wood and are finely sanded after gluing/stapling and then optionally varnished or painted. For the wooden frame 2 mm thick, washed and polished float glass and 1.5 mm thick, white and pH-neutral carton is used. Four pressure springs made of V2A steel hold picture and glass tight in its frame. Safe mounting is ensured through a special plastik hooks (see also fixing the frame).

6. Which kind of mounts are used?
PassepartoutWe use a mount/passepartout made by the company "Döhnert". It is made of acid-free cardboard with a thickness of 1.3 mm and has a white cutting edge. Note: The cutout is a few mm smaller than the picture to hold it in the frame.

7. How can I fix the frame on the wall?
RahmenThe frame comes with a special plastic hook and two appropriate nails. Optionally the hook can be fixed with a screw (not included). After the hook is placed on the wall you can fix the frame on it. The edge fits exactly into the groove of the frame, so you can rotate it quickly and easily in 90° steps. Et voilà!

 Questions regarding payment:
8. What is PayPal?
PayPalPaypal is an international electronic payment system, part of ebay and has a very good reputation. Membership at PayPal is free and easy to set up, all you need is an e-mail and bank account or credit card.

9. What are the advantages of using PayPal?
PayPalSince your payment is immediately recognized by us, we can ship your order faster. Also, through PayPal you have the option to pay by credit card. For orders from non-EU countries PayPal is the cheapest form of payment.

 Questions regarding shipping:
10. What is the status of my order?
StatusWe will inform you during the processing of your order via e-mail. If you do not receive our e-mails, please check the spam/junk/trash folder in your e-mail account. We will also send you a traceable tracking number once the item is shipped. If you have created an account with us, you can also retrieve necessary info by logging in your customer account. Of course you can contact us anytime.

11. How do you package my order?
StatusEach item is wrapped shockproof with cardboard, packed in a special gift box and shipped in a sturdy cardboard envelope. This way we avoid that your order is damaged durcing shipment. Our packaging material is made of recycled and 99% recyclable cardboard and paper.

12. The packaging is damaged. What to do?
PackagingYour order leaves our house perfectly packaged in a sturdy box. Unfortunately shipping services not alway follow the "handle with care" rule so it may happen that the packaging is damaged. If there is already visible damage when you receive the package it is important that you please obtain a receipt from the delivery guy (or girl) regarding the damage. We'll take care of replacement in case of damaged goods.

13. My order is damaged resp. there are quality issues. What to do?
DamageWe are sorry and we apologize for the inconvenience. Please contact us so that we can provide an equivalent replacement.

14. I am in Berlin right now. Is it possible to pickup my order personally and pay cash?
PickupWe are an online store and have no retail location. Therefore pick up and cash payment is possible only by prior appointment. Please contact us. Please understand that changes on your order at the time of pick up are limited.

15. How can I save money regarding shipment?
SaveOur shipment costs are already calculated as tight as possible, but because we are a small business we cannot subsidize it other major online stores. As an offer we offer free shipment within Germany from a total order of 100 €.

16. Why dont you offer Cash on Delivery (COD)?
CODThe COD fee at the post office would increase the postage to around € 10-12 for inside Germany. This seems unreasonably high, and therefore we do not offer it.

 Questions regarding cancellation and return:
17. I would like to exchange or return an article that I received in the last 14 days.
NachnahmeYou can return your order up to 14 days after receipt without giving any reasons to us. During this time you have the right of cancellation, which you can read in full here.
We suggest the following steps:
You give us a brief written notice that you want to return your order - the fastest way is by email. Please send the article (in the original packaging or otherwise securely packaged) to our address: Lovely Planets Berlin, c/o S.Sachse, Scharnweberstr. 40, 10247 Berlin, Germany.
If your order arrives here intact, we will refund the purchase price and the shipping cost for the least expensive shipping method, but NOT your cost of return. Should you like an exchange, please simply place a new order of your desired article, we will off-set the total of the new order with your credit. Et voilà!

18. I would like to exchange an article that I received in the last 30 days.
ReturnAfter expiration of the fourteen-day cancellation period we will exchange your order as a goodwill gesture if the following conditions are met:
The article was ordered in the last 30 days and is without any signs of wear. You bear the costs for the return and shipment of the exchanged article. Please follow these steps for RMA:
Select your order from your Order History. Select the article you wish to return. Please write a short notice mentioning the desired replacement article. Click on "Make an RMA slip". Once we approve your RMA you can download your return receipt here. Please print it and include your return. Once your order has arrived intact and you have payed the shipping, we will send you the replacement article. Et voilà!

 And still some more questions:
19. Is it possible to buy a picture in another size/frame/variant?
VariantePlease contact us, (nearly) everything is possible. We are open to your ideas!

20. What about the environmental performance and sustainability of Lovely Planets Berlin?
UmweltfreundlichkeitOur packaging material is made of recycled and 99% recyclable cardboard and paper. We try as much as possible to reduce packaging and waste. Lovely Planets Berlin is operated using 100% renewable energy.

21. I am a photographer/graphic designer/artist. Is there a way to offer my pictures on Lovely Planets Berlin?
FotografWe specialize in panoramas with "Little Planet" look. If you think that your pictures fit in our store, please contact us.

22. I have more important and interesting questions!
fragenIn this case: Dont be shy - get in contact with us!

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